my name is Zach, I am 17 years old and my genetics suck ... I am straight spirit bear(s)
'02 dc sniper: *tries to shoot me*
me: boy
me: *madden circle button*

"have you eaten?" "yes"



95% of my snaps

trapped on my old blog

I can’t log on to my actual blog right now like the password which I know is the password won’t work so I can only go on it on the computer and I go on the computer like twice a month soooo, fuck


follow my new blog it’s the only one I actually use

if you’re still following me on this blog you’re silly

NEW BLOG URL: decaffeinate

follow me!

I always end up back on this blog because I dont actually really want to leave it

this is pretty much the end of this blog because the majority of my friends on this site have my new one so uhhhhhh yeah I’ll still check back on it every now and then to see if anyone else still wants my new account (HA) 

bye bye